News websites earn money from many ways.

Ads Placement: News websites join ads networks like google ads, etc and because they have good amount of traffic on their website so they earn good amount of money also.
Sponsored Ads: News websites also allow people to do sponsored ads on their website.
Affiliate Marketing: Many news websites also do affiliate marketing on their website by joining many affiliate network or programs.
Sponsored Content: News websites also post sponsored articles/content on their website and charge good amount of money depending upon how much trrafic come on their website.
There are many more ways are also available using them news websites earn money but majority of news websites mainly earn money using these ways.

So lets say a ctr of 1% that is 10 visitors lets say your conversions are 10% that is one sale lets say that sale was $10 so without taking fees and time to have the site you made $10 a day. You can scale up from here but this is your rough guesstimate nothing set in stone.

000 visitors can make you $0, but it can also make you thousands.

Various ads, paid banners/ads, sponsored products, commission referrals/affiliate marketing, click views on video ads, there are many ways to generate revenue. You could also do some sort of subscription to see the content if its all premium news.

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